Planète Métisse

Photo diaporama - L'arbre à son

L'arbre à son

Photo diaporama - Borne audiovisuelle

Borne audiovisuelle

Photo diaporama - Installation immersive

Installation immersive

Photo diaporama - Vue de la scénographie

Vue de la scénographie

  • Vignette diaporama - L'arbre à son
  • Vignette diaporama - Borne audiovisuelle
  • Vignette diaporama - Installation immersive
  • Vignette diaporama - Vue de la scénographie


Project Office for the technical project monitoring of this temporary exhibition.

The contact between peoples and traditions, the coexistence of mixed identities - these belong to métissage, a concept that represents the connections made between different peoples or cultures. The Planète Métisse exhibition stimulated visitor imagination by placing objects in relation to each other, from the 15th century until today. It analysed the ramifications of European expansion on other civilisations as well as the crisscrossed influences of East and West in the wake of the great expansions.

Scenographer Reza Azar (Projectiles) made heavy use of immersive audiovisuals in presenting intangible artistic works that came out of métissage, and offered visitors the chance to interact with several installations.


Scénographe : Projectiles


Site internet de l'exposition (musée du quai Branly)

2008/03/18 - 2009/07/19

Musée du quai Branly

Musée du quai Branly

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Project type 
Temporary exhibition

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