Fort Saint-Jean

Photo diaporama - Vue du Fort Saint Jean

Vue du Fort Saint Jean


Design, implementation and monitoring multimedia developments in museum spaces of Fort St. Jean, MuCEM in Marseille.

Co-contracting with Zend + Co and Phung Engineering, reciproque support the project management of multimedia installations required for the opening to the public spaces of the Museum of Civilization in Europe and the Mediterranean on the Fort St. Jean. The team designed the multimedia devices of the history of the Fort and discovery areas of collections related to the invention of the society of leisure. reciproque also provides coordination task for team project management. The opening of MuCEM is scheduled for January 2013.


Directeur de projet : François Forge
Chef de projet : Ludovic Perrot


Website of the MuCEM

2011/07 - 2013/01



Project type 
Permanent exhibition

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