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Workshop de strategie

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Séminaire de restitution

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  • Vignette diaporama - Atelier services numériques
  • Vignette diaporama - Workshop de strategie
  • Vignette diaporama - Séminaire de restitution


Digital Strategy

Digital agenda of a cultural institution must be bold, engaging and pragmatic. It is the product of the culture of the institution, and in resonance with its scientific and cultural project. It can be an external support when the vision needs to be clarified and allow to obtain an operational synthesis. The mission entrusted to reciproque was to define the key directions and strategic and methodological principles that should form the basis of the Digital Strategy of the IMA for the next three years.

Based on an audit, a literature review, targeted interviews, and a one-day seminar, the team developed a grid of recommendations which was then broken down into a reference document for the top management of the institution.


Creative Director : Stéphane Bezombes
2014/04 - 2014/09

Institut du monde arabe

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Multimedia consulting