Strategic Report

Photo diaporama - Typologies de dispositifs numérique de médiation culturelle

Typologies de dispositifs numérique de médiation culturelle


An academic study on the digital mediation and valuation of heritage and culture.

As part of the IDEFI-CréaTIC program (Initiatives of Excellence in Innovative Training - Creation and Technologies of Information Communication) under the direction of Mrs. Ghislaine Azémard, the Paris 8 University stands out scientifically in the field of the sciences of creation. A study on the historical issues of digital mediation and links with the cultural industry was commissioned to irrigate the strategic direction and educational ambitions of the program.
In collaboration experts in digital cultural mediation, reciproque was in charge of the organization, development, and writing of this study which has been the subject of a large number of research and data analysis. This long-term observation conducted by the Paris 8 University and reciproque teams led to an analysis and inventory of digital devices developed in museums and international institutions, a state of the art of 40 years of history in the field. The innovation of French museums and cultural institutions, an analysis of digital uses including new participative forms of digital production, a reflection on cultural democracy and artistic education in academia. To conclude on the general orientations of a new program on digital cultural mediation, which will serve as the reference document for University.


Creative Director : Stéphane Bezombes
Project manager : Isabelle Jouve
2015/01 - 2015/12

Hotel de Ville

Université Paris-8

Project type 
Multimedia consulting