Madonna and a Rabbit

Photo diaporama - Installation interactive

Installation interactive

Photo diaporama - Installation immersive

Installation immersive

Photo diaporama - Vue de l'espace d'exposition

Vue de l'espace d'exposition

  • Vignette diaporama - Installation interactive
  • Vignette diaporama - Installation immersive
  • Vignette diaporama - Vue de l'espace d'exposition


Project Office for the adaptation of an interactive multimedia experiment inside the Louvre.

For its temporary exhibition "Rivalité à Venise", the Louvre museum chose to include three installations from the Louvre-DNP MuseumLab (Tokyo, Japan) collaboration. Based on Titian’s painting "Madonna and a Rabbit", these multimedia installations proposed new methods for analysing works of art and offered new insights into the painting through visual and iconographic analysis, explained by Jean Habert, general curator of the painting department. The installations were perfected during the Louvre and DNP’s third experiment, conducted in 2008.

Sober and elegant, the installations allowed visitors to physically enter into the composition of the painting; to be given keys to understanding the work; and to grasp the hidden meaning of certain details with an interactive magnifying glass.


Mini-site de l'exposition (musée du Louvre)

2009/09/17 - 2010/01/04

Musée du Louvre, Paris

The Louvre museum

<50 K€

Project type 
Temporary exhibition