Le Havre 2017

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Le Havre


Digital development of cultural event celebrating the 500th anniversary of Le Havre.

The Port and the City of Le Havre, founded October 8, 1517 by a decree of François 1st, will commemorate their 500th anniversary in 2017. The GIP created for the occasion chose Jean Blaise for Art Direction and Artevia for the delegated production of the cultural event. Within the consortium led by Artevia, reciproque is in charge of digital development especially on engagement and interpretation aspects of the event. Jean Blaise, Le Havre in 2017 is "a unique opportunity to transform Le Havre in the eyes of its inhabitants and its visitors celebrate its history, its identity, which makes its uniqueness. The 2017 celebration will aim to ship all players in the Havre area, residents and visitors in an experience of the city, a transformation, a reversal of direction operated by the intervention of artists and talents from around the world. Tightened over a 4 month period, the celebration, which will take the form of a narrative, will end in highlight: beyond ephemeral events and facilities, sensitive interventions that will awaken the streets, neighborhoods, bequeathed the season the territory a number of permanent facilities that will live after 2017 ". Le Havre in 2017 is a sustainable event, with outcomes in the long term on the territory and its inhabitants.


Directeur de projet : François Forge


Le Havre

2015/06 - 2017/06

Le Havre

Le Havre, city

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Multimedia consulting