Confusion of Senses

Photo diaporama - Audioguide géolocalisé en situation

Audioguide géolocalisé en situation

Photo diaporama - Affiche de l'exposition

Affiche de l'exposition

  • Vignette diaporama - Audioguide géolocalisé en situation
  • Vignette diaporama - Affiche de l'exposition


Creation of a geolocalised audio guide for the « Confusion des Sens » (Confusion of Senses) exhibition at the Espace culturel Louis Vuitton.

Visitor experience was enriched with interviews of the artists and of the curator, played through a complementary geolocalised audioguide weighing only a few grammes. This device was chosen for its small size and simplicity. Artist commentary was activated on demand by the simple push of a button. Inside the gallery, infrared transponders communicated with the audio players, automatically launching the correct audio files. Bone conduction headsets allowed visitors to enjoy the interpretative comments without feeling isolated from their surroundings.

reciproque was commissioned to determine the interpretive tools, manage content production and conduct a public study on the concept’s relevance and appeal, the contribution of interpretative practices to contemporary exhibitions and the device’s overall shape.


Chef de projet : Guadalupe Villambrosa


Espace culturel Louis Vuitton (website)

2009/09/01 - 2010/01/10

Espace culturel Louis Vuitton

Project type 
Mobile app

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