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reciproque continuously explores the integration of new media into cultural and museum practices in order to improve the appeal of our designs and proposals.

Culture 3D Cloud

IT and global network communication provide new opportunities for exchange, creation, education and sharing knowledge to cultural world for dramatically increase access to culture and heritage. Culture 3D Cloud is part of a process. The platform aims to create a disruptive approach in the field of digitization of heritage artifacts to allow the emergence of new viable business models.

Culture 3D Cloud is a cloud computing platform for digitization, documentation, preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage in 3D.

The project is based on two key facts :

  • The field of 3D digitization of heritage artifacts evolves slowly and only provides resources for researchers and specialists.
  • The technology and equipment used for 3D scanning are sophisticated and require highly specialized skills.

Right now, the cost is significant and limits the widespread practice. Culture 3D Cloud Project aims to empower the photographers and photo agencies, which will develop a value chain to commercialize 3D prints on demand, for their customers and other markets, expanding trades heritage development (commercial, publishers, broadcasters, general public). Culture 3D Cloud is leaded by one of the major players in the distribution of reproductions of works of art in the publishing world (Photo Agency RMN) and a consortium of business and technology project partners (research laboratories and company).

The Geotopy project

Digitalised content, digital resource centres, new navigation interfaces and mobile interpretive practices are innovative ways to enrich a visitor’s experience and influence the way culture is consumed in future years.
reciproque is working on a research and development project that involves the interoperability of personalised and ubiquitous identification systems; develops services allowing museums to be digitally autonomous; and suggests new approaches to culture by proposing original interpretative practices. The project is being developed in collaboration with experts, laboratories and specialised research centres.
To this end, reciproque was granted a research allowance (Aide à la maturation) in 2010 by the Oséo – Innovation – Ile de France. The grant is funding the analysis of a platform for publishing, assembling and circulating cultural content destined for museums and cultural centres.

GPM Project

GPM (Gestion de Production Multimédia - Multimedia Project Management) is an experimental platform for managing the multimedia assets of a museum exhibition. It aims to improve production monitoring, integrate assorted procedures into a single tool, improve project control and observation, centralise documentation and facilitate collaboration. The platform produces a model for each participant’s production workflow. For storing and consulting media, MPM uses the Amazon S3 and Flickr API web services. This connection is secure, accessible and transparent for the end-user.
The first GPM version was created in 2004. The latest, version 2.1, has been available in Beta since May 2010.


reciproque is an active member of CapDigital and the Culture & Management Club, and founded Museum Link, a professional network with over 4,000 members.
reciproque has applied for Young Innovative Company status.